Some argued that V. P Boakai had no interest in youth development except recommending people for jobs because they have links to him or his office. Are you saying only those who know the V.P Boakai will get good jobs in his gov’t? A Liberian asked.  He lacks innovation to support the talents of young people. After 12 years of being v. president there’s not a single outstanding policy or agenda that he can boost off that Liberians would consider significant live changing act.

Joe Boakai doesn’t represent the dreams and aspirations of the people Liberia after 12 years of unproductive office. The v. president got paid with tax payer (Liberian-people) dollars only to enjoy luxury of full electricity in his house, drove modern cars while it took many years for his community to get power in their homes. He needs to pay back the millions given him as v. president to run his office because he was just a parked race car.

Whilst people on the right are questioning the role and impact the V. P has made on the lives of the Liberian people over twelve years, He and his supporters believe he was a V. President with less impact due to lack of authority to solely make decisions. V. P Boakai himself said at one of the Liberian Presidential debates that being a Vice President is like a race car being parked for twelve years. He could not do much as V. President because to him is minor position (by others’ interpretation).

The million-dollar concern is, does the V. President think after twelve years of parking a race car, is it still road worthy? Others are saying that it appears like the Vice president and Madam Sirleaf’s relationship is not subtle. According to information his decision to run on the Unity Party ticket was not endorsed by the President. She thinks after twelve years of leadership there should be a need to allow a different ideal to lead the people. During an interview with a well-known journalist from CNN, Christiane Amirpour Madam seemed to confirm her thoughts about leadership in Africa. She said, “it’s about time to give young people the opportunity to lead, there’s a need for generational change”.

Pundits are asking the question about Joe Boakai and his ability to improve the lives of Liberians especially young people with talent. It is not a secret that many young Liberians have passion for music, acting, business, technology and professional careers. One of Vice President Boakai’s own son, Tantan Boakai is a young man with college degree from A.M.E. University.

Tantan chose to be a musician instead of pursuing his academic career acquired. Everyone had thought that since the son of Vice President is passionate about music and theatre art would have serve as a medium for governmental support to develop and promote cultural art and tourism.


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