George Manneh Weah, the Liberian soccer legend who biography is traced from a slump community (Clara-town) in Monrovia is once again showing to the world that his people want him to lead them as Ms. Ellen Sirleaf Johnson steps down in January 2018. Weah leads with 39.2% as the Liberian National Elections Commission continues to announce more results from the October 10, 2017 presidential elections.

He’s followed by Joseph N. Boakai who is the current Vice President since 2006. The end of this year will complete Boakai’s 12 years of leadership in Liberia. The geographical indications of elections result shows that most Liberians voted on tribal line in areas like the home county (Lofa) of V. P Boakai, Nimba County the home of Prince Johnson (former war-lord) and Grand bassa the home of Liberty Party’s standard-bearer Charles Brumskin.

George M. Hills from the Southeastern region where he’s also winning with high numbers. On the broader spectrum George Weah is mostly getting votes from all over the country even those ones far from home. Most people have said they see him as none tribal person. The support of Weah comes from all works of life especially young people who believe he is a true representation of them. He is winning a lot in the western part of the country also. The people are seeking change after 12 years of the Unity Party lead government.

He had represented Liberia without ethnicity. He doesn’t select amongst the people, had always preached peace. “He carries Liberia in his heart at all time”. Speaking to people in foreign nations, most said they’ve come to know about Liberia in the 90s when George Weah was playing international soccer. Some said they’ve known Liberia for two reasons, the long civil unrest war and George Weah. Then came the first female elected President in Africa, Ms. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who also promoted the image of the country at the United States Congress, the United Nations, European Union, Asia and all over the world.

An European man speaking to us said, while Ms. Sirleaf is going out Liberia is blessed to have a man like Weah who loves his people and his country. “am sure Liberia will do well with him too because he loves Liberia’. He came from a sports background but he’s well known. He will get support from world leaders, Europe, USA, Asia or Australia.

George Weah born 1958 in Monrovia, Liberia. He grew up as a young man playing soccer in his neighboring communities while living with his grand ma after his mother and Dad had parted. His first job was to be humble, he helped Liberian Ghanaians in his area Gebratta to sell their bread to earn recess and lunch money for school. Weah went to school up to 11th grade when he got his first contract to travel Cameron as an international professional player.

Weah was not an ‘A-student’ but he took the decision to travel because he saw the opportunity to change the live of himself and his family especially grand ma who supported him.  Weah was one of Liberia’s best local soccer players. He had gotten famous since. He landed in France where his career became glowing with goals, awards including the FIFA Ballon d'Or, Africa best and European best. George Weah had always related to his people in Liberia during his success. He became the shining star of Liberia when there was darkness. Weah is running to be president in Liberia and the people are overwhelmingly support his decision.



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