According to the Liberian National Elections Commission official results, Ambassador George Manneh Weah is in the lead with 39.6% followed by Vice President Joseph N. Boakai clenching unto 31.1% of the total votes tallied from all 15 counties in Liberia. On the overall 547,965 votes have been tallied accounting for 74.58% of total votes counted.

Ambassador Weah is dominating in at least 13 out of 15 counties across the country. Given the statistics V.P Boakai is holding on to his home base Lofa County but behind George weah in Bong, Bomi, Margibi, River Gee, Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, Grand Kru, Maryland, Montserrado and Grand Cape Mount counties. Senator Prince Johnson leads in Nimba County his home base while Counselor Charles W. Brumskin leads Grand Bassa and Rivercess counties of his Base.   The Liberian Election laws call for a winner of national presidential elections to obtain at least 50%+1 vote of the total votes cast during elections. This bench mark seems to be difficult to achieve uprightly by on team or candidate when there’s about 20 candidates seeking to be president. In 2005 and 2011 there were runoff election between CDC-Ambassador George Weah, CDC-Ambassador Winston Tubman and UP-Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who were leading contenders from first rounds. It is likely that this election will end up in a runoff before a president is elected.  

It had been peaceful since Liberians exercised their first amendment right (to vote) on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. Citizens and politicians are quietly sitting listening to updates from NEC. If all went well this will be the second time since 1944 when president William V. S. Tubman peacefully took over from Pres. Arthur Barclay in the history of Liberia’s democracy. Liberians are eager for change of leadership that will develop their broken infrastructures, restore full electricity, water/sewer and roads, school systems and better healthcare delivery.


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